Little Nation Kids Sunglasses Review

“10/10! Unbreakable. Unbelievable. Kids wont even know they are wearing them!”

Until not so long ago, I haven’t been that great about getting my children to wear sunglasses. Despite this fact I was always wearing them myself, I just figured they would remove them and destroy them. After researching toddler and kids sunglasses for this review, I’m extremely motivated to make sure my children’s eyes are safeguarded. Why? Because exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase the risk for cataracts and macular degeneration later on in life.

But as you would suspect, all sunglasses are not the same. And cute pictures of super heroes on the sunnies won’t do anything to keep your kids safe.

The damage from ultraviolet rays builds over time, so the sooner you get your children in the habit of wearing sunglasses, the better! We tried out a range of sunglasses from Little Nation and we couldnt be more happier!

These glasses are non-polarized because you only need polarized sunglasses if you spend alot of time on a boat. The sunglasses have a wrap around frame and fit on our 3 kids faces perfectly and didnt come off. While a novelty at first our kids eventually forgot they were wearing them and went about playing. This was the biggest hurdle for me. I know my kids, if they felt a foreign object sitting on their nose. It would be played with and eventually lost. They completely forgot they were wearing these sunglasses so much that once we got inside they complained about the darkness and wanted to turn on all the lights…… Much to the amusement of my wife and I.

My 2 year old tried his best to break them but the ultra flexible frames just popped right back into shape.

Size: Toddler to Kids(1–8 years)

Price: $29.95

Strengths: 100% UVA/UVB protection (UV 400) Unbreakable although not scratch resistant.

Final Word on Little Nation sunglasses: If you’re likely to buy sunglasses for your young kids you are going to need a pair that doesnt break, these are a great pair to buy and the cost is lower then most other kids brands.