Little Nation Balance Bike Review

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“Highly Recommended! Great Value, even better quality. 5/5 STARS.”

The Little Nation kids balance bike is produced by an Australian company, which is famous for their innovative and imaginative toys for kids aged between 1-8. The bike itself weighs under 3kgs and has a durable frame designed so that it will easily be handled by an 18-month-old, and yet still challenging and fun for a 5-year-old. Thus we hear the term “bike is able to grow along with the child”. This is definitely true and we were able to set the bike up on the spot for different sized riders. When we compared the Little Nation Balance Bike vs Strider Balance Bike, we found the Little Nation to win on virtually every characteristic despite the Strider being twice the price of the Little Nation.


The Redesigned Seats

The Little Nation model’s seat is smaller and lighter than other balance bike models, so it offers a more suitable ride for our kids. It’s also padded which makes it comfortable for kids who ride the bike without nappies.

Ergonomically Designed Hand Grips

The handgrips were reshaped to be more anatomically suited for children’s hands. The ridges are smaller and enable a better grip.


The handlebars have also undergone a transformation, to achieve a motor-cross appearance. An added safety feature for the rider was introduced by adding some handlebar padding.

Foam Tires

This model normally comes with twelve-inch foam tires, which are made with  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymer, thus being completely puncture-proof. Little Nation calls them Ultralight tyres. Little Nation prefers foam tires to pneumatic as they are so low in maintenance-no need to ever pump them up. Some complaints, though, address their inability to be shock-absorbent as pneumatic tires are. When we are talking about young kids however, the advantages of the foam tyres far out weigh the negatives. Our child was able to easily pick this bike up and throw it over his shoulder such is the lightweigh nature of the bike. Other bikes we road tested were far too heavy which in part is as a result of the bulky components of the air tyres.


In order to get a smooth wheel rotation, Little Nation balance bikes opt for sealed cartridge bearings, to prevent grit and moisture from getting into it. That way it requires less maintaining, with faster and smoother wheel rotation guaranteed.


Unlike most of its rivals on the market, especially the wooden balance bicycles, Little Nation offers the chance to improve skills even beyond steering and balancing. Its steel frame makes it suitable for some fun bike tricks. It wont warp in the rain and splinter in the sun like wooden bikes have the potential to do.


We use our Little Nation Balance Bike everyday going to and from school. It has seen a lot of use and abuse and has still held up remarkably well. I would recommend this bike to any family looking to invest in a great quality bike without the huge price tag.


Balance Bike Review

Main Benefits of Balance Bikes

How can children benefit from a balance bike? Is a balance bike a reasonable purchase?

Parents are mostly in doubt when it comes to these questions. The price of balance bikes is very important to many parents, since they are not cheap at all, although you can sometimes find it cheaper online. This product is also very new in North America, so it’s normal to feel a little sceptical.

Here is a list of reasons why purchasing a balance bike is a good choice.


Balance and Coordination Skills

When it comes to learning how to ride a bike, balance is the first obstacle. This is not a problem with balance bikes since they have no pedals, which can often distract children while learning, as they focus on pedalling instead of balancing. With balance bikes, this is not the case. Children will keep a steady mobility using their legs. Coordination can be another obstacle. The great thing about balance bikes is that they increase a child’s motor skills and encourage them to rely on their coordination skills. So, with the help of a balance bike, the small rider will quickly learn how to push off with their legs and ride a bike.


The Safer Option

Traditional training bikes with wheels have pedals, crank sets and chains which are often an obstacle to children learning how to ride. These can often cause slight injuries. Pedals, when unused, can scratch your child’s legs. Balance bikes are, however, a safer option, since there are no pedals at all.


Balance Bikes Help Children Become Better Bikers

Since children who have already mastered riding on balance bikes also mastered balancing and steering, moving to a pedalled bike is not going to be a big change for them. Some of them are so good at balancing and steering that they are even better riders on pedalled bikes. They are more confident riders who know how to stop the bike using their legs and prevent potential injuries. Finally, they aren’t intimidated by bikes and become better, more competent riders sooner.


Balance Bikes are Versatile

For surfaces with obstacles, balance bike riders already know they have to use their legs. Some consider that a trike or a bike with training wheels can also overcome obstacles. But it must be noted that balance bikes are lighter and children can easily handle them. Also, they come without pedals, which can often cause injuries.


Balance bikes are fast out growing the traditional training bike with training wheels. Toddlers as young as 18 months and children up to 6 years old can use and enjoy balance bikes. They can be used for a long time and by all siblings in the family. Plus, they are fun!